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Terms & Conditions:

  1. LiveWell Baby will send a free product to members of the LiveWell Baby Review Club for them to use, then rate and review via an online form on  
  2. Members of the LiveWell Baby Review Club are not expected to pay a fee to join the club.
  3. If you agree to be a member of the LiveWell Baby Review Club, you agree for LiveWell Baby to provide your contact details to manufacturers or other trusted third parties. Your contact details will not be used for any other purpose other than to send you free products to test and review.
  4. By being part of the LiveWell Baby Review Club, you agree to receive free products from LiveWell Baby, test the product and then rate and review them via an online form on
  5. Products will be sent randomly as and when a sponsor wants the LiveWell Baby Review club members to rate and review a product.
  6. Members of the LiveWell Baby Review Club will be reviewed on a regular basis. If a member of the Review Club has received a product to test, but has not rated and reviewed the product within 21 days of receiving the product, they will be removed from the LiveWell Baby Review Club.
  7. Products that members received as part of the LiveWell Baby Review Club cannot be exchanged, or refunded for cash within a store (online or otherwise) or any retailer.
  8. LiveWell Baby accepts no responsibility for products that are misused by the members during the process of testing or the results of this misuse.
  9. Upon submission of this form, members grant LiveWell Baby and its sponsors the right to use their personal information, photos and reviews for all forms of media and marketing activities.
  10. An existing member of the LiveWell Baby Review Club can be removed from the club at any time. Simply email and request to be removed from the club.
  11. All products received are for the member’s personal use only. LiveWell Baby reserves the right to remove members from the club if it’s believed that samples have been sold without permission, if a member does not review the product within 21 days after receiving it and if inappropriate reviews are written.