What’s the right time for an important chat?

I was having a conversation with my friend the other day and we happen to touch upon an unsettling topic – children being sexually abused and even raped. Rape and sexual abuse are unpardonable, but when little children who know nothing are involved, I wonder if humanity still exists. There are some beasts that don’t even spare kids as little as 3-years-old! Every other day the news flashes a tale of gory, heinous sexual deeds where vulnerable children are involved. This was not the case when I was a child. I hardly heard of rape and had never come across children being raped until recently. I’m not sure if the media covers more of such stories or a certain category of ‘animals’ (the sexual predators) have evolved into monsters. Whatever it is, it’s sad.

There’s only one-way to prepare our kids to deal with any such impending horrors; we need to educate them. That means we have to teach them to stay alert, not let strangers too close and not let ANYONE (except their parents) touch them intimately. That also means we have to open their naïve minds to intense topics even before they have fully discovered their bodies (sigh)! When I was a little girl, I took my time to understand the cycle of life, of how my body and the organs would evolve with age. But looks like I have to teach my Ana about her body and the need to safe guard it too early in her life. I know it’s for her good, but am I doing justice to her innocence? This is such a dilemma. When will our world become a safe haven where kids can grow and understand the true potential of their minds and bodies at the stage they are supposed to?

– Rashmi –