Two is better than 1

Did you know that the word ‘sibling’ originates from the word ‘sibb’, which stands for kinship, relationship, love, friendship, peace and happiness? If you’ve been as fortunate as me to have great siblings, you’d truly understand the depth of this simple word. I don't ever undermine the importance of having friends, cousins and confidants… but having a sibling who loves and cares, gives camaraderie a whole new meaning.

My story of siblinghood was fantastic. I have an older sister who is calm and patient and a younger brother who’s is ready to put up with my bossiness. I have laughed with them, cried with them, fought with/for them, shared secrets with them, and gossiped with them. Growing up was so much fun with these two that I had decided I’d have two kids so my children will have the same companionship that I fortunately have.

And by God’s grace, my dream has become a reality. Now as a mother of two, I see a different hue of siblinghood and it’s absolutely amazing. Samara (my daughter number 2) arrived on 26th April 2017, and since then our joys have only doubled. My journey of motherhood has become twice as nice, not only because we have two kids now, but also because Anahita (my daughter number 1) absolutely loves her sister. The element of jealously is nowhere to be seen (sigh of relief).

The sisters seemed to have bonded as soon as their eyes met and it continues to be so. I know there will be fights, quarrels and accusations in the future; but I also know there will be love, secrets, gossip, standing up for each another and so much fun.

Now that I have Anahita and Samara in my life, two is my favourite number.