Tubby Mummy?

Some women just let it all slide after having their kids. So now on top of having to work, they now need to work out, fitting  their fitness regimes around their career and mothering. Sabrina Asli teaches you how.

I’ve heard that some women (not in this part of the world) would rather a surrogate carry their child to term than get pregnant themselves. Their reason being, they do not want their bodies to be affected by pregnancy.

The women think they will experience hormonal changes when they are pregnant. Their senses will heighten and they will crave for food. They will then be eating for two and thus gain weight. Sometimes if the mummy is not careful enough, she might blow up to be what we politely call ‘plus-sized’ but impolitely refer to as ‘super-sized’. 

Well, they are right. 
Not only does the body become rounder, the breasts will be firmer and may increase in size because of the production of milk. What’s wrong with bigger breasts, you say? Nothing of course, in fact, yay for bigger breasts but what happens to them after you’ve stopped breast feeding? Yup, you know it! 

Too bad surrogate motherhood is out of the question!

From slim to schlumpy
What happens after pregnancy is something that bothers most women. Getting back to their previous weight or shape poses a great challenge to most, myself included.

Plus, the fact that we have to go back to work after four months of rest makes it doubly impossible for us to workout and burn all those extra bits away. So what can we do? Let it slide?

Something I’ve learnt only after I myself got pregnant was the fact that nursing your baby actually helps in the narrowing down process. The suckling action that the baby does helps release chemicals that help constrict the expanded womb. Constricted womb means downsize. So don’t strike off breast feeding from your to-do list.

With help
The availability of the slimming centres in Singapore has made some mothers’ lives easier. Getting back into shape without much sweat is achievable with the help of these centres, although your bank account might receive a workout of its own.

Similarly, mummies who have the time to spend at gyms blessed with personal trainers are also able to achieve their desired weight. Even so, much discipline is still required as they will also have to watch what they eat. It will be tough, after all the food they are so used to having during pregnancy.

Without help
For those of us who even have no time to eat without multitasking, here are some tips of how you can manage your weight. 

1. Eat well
A well balanced diet is of course important before you proceed with these regiments. Usually dieticians recommend six small meals per day, with the correct amounts of carbs, protein and all the other groups.

2. Brisk walks. 
In the evenings, when you have a bit of free time, go for a walk with your baby in the stroller. The young one will not only enjoy the new experience from the breeze, you will also be able to work yourself into a sweat.

Some mummies do not even see this as an added event like myself. When I send my girl to my grandmother’s every morning or when I fetch her every evening, this brisk walking comes naturally. We do live in Singapore anyway, so we don’t really saunter anywhere… we march!

3. Baby Bounce
This is a good exercise and is encouraged for women with toddlers who are able to bounce while sitting. You make the cutie pie sit on your abs and as he/she starts to bounce on you, you tighten your abs. It has the same effect as the U-Zap, only the waist band looks cuter. 

4. Baby Exercise
Some fitness centres cater to mothers. They have exercise programs where mothers exercise with their young ones. Some exercises they go through are, sit ups with their child, bouncing their child on their legs while lying down, working on the lower abs etc – all in the name of bonding.

5. Playing with Toddlers
Mummies with toddlers know that by playing with them is itself exercise. Going to the parks and spending your time running around with them, or playing hide and seek can be a sweaty affair. Not only does it help you burn calories, it is also thumbs up in the bonding department.

What is important is that us mothers must realise that we are women too. We have to learn to take good care of ourselves and our appearance. Frumpy mothers are no longer excusable these days, if you look at mummies walking high streets today. Look good to feel good! Be proud of who you are, and you will have more confidence in yourself.