The Total Development Program For Your Child

It’s never too early to start your child on the learning path. After all learning is a lifelong practice and it will definitely benefit your child in the long run if you nurture the love of learning in your child from an early age. Here’s how the Total Development Program from ETL can help you kickstart your child’s learning journey. 

Designed to fully fulfil the learning needs of toddlers and young children up to the age of 10, the Total Development Program for your child comes with a wide range of books that cover everything from English and Math to nature, science, foundational skills and even important life values like kindness. The concept behind its program is simple: it aims to make the most of your child’s early years by developing the habit of reading and love of learning through adorable illustrations and easy-to-understand lessons. In fact, it makes lesson time more interesting by incorporating quizzes, riddles, and questions for your child to explore his imagination and problem solving skills to the fullest. Here is what you can expect from the comprehensive collection:  

 Child’s First Library of Learning
An interactive series that ‘talks’ to your child, it satisfies his natural curiosity of the world through topics like Science, Nature, Life, and Our World. Chockfull of colourful photos and images to capture your child’s attention, each book in the series comes alive in a question-answer format narrated by Walter™. With over 10,000 sound files embedded on the pages, your child will never be bored by the character’s narrations, supplementary facts, sound effects, poems, rhymes, and songs. Parents can also join in with the Note To Parents on each page to help them explain the subject further.

Develop your child’s reading skills with this specially crafted multimedia program. It doesn’t just come with CD-ROMs, audio CDs, and an app to enhance your child’s learning experience through audio recordings, games and videos; it also reinforces your child’s learning with a scoring and reward system to motivate him. On top of that, English-Time™ reinforces his knack for writing and grammar, and develops his computer and Internet skills as well.

Early Learning Program
How would you like to help your child to cultivate up to 51 foundational skills? The Early Learning Program does this with 17 hardcover books; each designed to develop a specific skill or understanding of a subject. The series begins with basic reading and numeric skills first before it progresses into more advanced skills such as problem-solving and flexible thinking. Walter™ also steps in with over 5,600 voice files and sound effects embedded in the stories so your child can improve his pronunciation and listening skills. With colour and lively illustrations, as well as interactive 3D features like cut-outs, colour wheels, and split pages to make learning fun and understanding easier, there won’t be a single dull moment for your child!

Learning Math With Albert 
Remember how fearful you were of Math in your childhood? Now you can nurture a lifelong love for Math in your child with this interactive program. From simple concepts of big and small to equations, multiplication, and division, your child will have no problem picking them up because the CD-ROMs combine text, graphics, audio, video and animation to provide hours of fun activities. There’s even an Albert and Annie’s Math Kit containing a Magic Numbers Board, Annie’s Practice Cards and a Multiplication Tile set – all designed to teach your child Math in the most fun way possible. 

A Child’s First Library of Values 
Last but not least, A Child’s First Library of Values nurtures the roots of good behaviour in your child with 15 books containing stories from around the world. On top of cultivating your child’s reading and comprehension skills, it also improves his pronunciation with 15 audio CDs of all the stories. 5 finger puppets will bring the characters in the stories to life too—creating an interactive story-time that both you and your child will never forget. 

Not sure where or how to start your child’s learning journey? Then you should check out this Total Development Program on ETL’s website at You can even request for a free presentation through @ETLLearningSG on Facebook and one of their consultants will get in touch with you. A free parenting booklet will also be delivered at the same time, so start investing in your child’s education now!