Skin-Deep Issues What To Expect

When it comes to your child’s overall wellbeing, knowledge is power. Here’s what you need to know about the most common skin afflictions that may trouble your baby’s delicate skin.

You might not know this, but a baby’s skin is bound to erupt in rashes during the first year. It’s not your fault when this happens because it takes about a year for your little one’s skin to build up an effective barrier against various elements like the sun and bacteria. What helps is knowing what you are dealing with. Here are the facts:

If you often feel that heart-wrenching ache of seeing your baby’s delicate skin affected by eczema/atopic conditions, having A-Derma EXOMEGA range of products on hand is definitely a good idea.

Skin problems are inevitable, but it doesn’t mean your little one has to endure the discomfort. Here’s a tip - choose skin care products that not only care for your baby’s skin in the gentlest way possible, but also use ingredients that do not aggravate eczema (atopic dermatitis) or worsen your baby’s skin condition.

With over 20 years of experience caring for atopyprone skin, the A-Derma Exomega line uses an exclusive ingredient – the Rhealba Oat Plantlet – to soothe and calm fragile skin. The Rhealba Oat Plantlet is harvested between 10-12 weeks as research has found that that is the time when its active ingredients are at their optimum best. The high content of soothing flavonoids and saponins present in the plantlets are calming and antiinflammatory, beneficial for such skin types. As it is free of allergenic protein, you may use the range on your baby with complete peace of mind as it does not aggravate potential atopy irritations or flare-ups. The range also contains Filaxerine ®; a complex of active ingredients developed by A-Derma which helps restore and reconstruct the skin barrier of atopy-prone skin so that both parent and child can enjoy a better quality of life.

A-Derma EXOMEGA Cleansing Oil For Cleansing

A gentle hygiene care product that cleanses and soothes atopy-prone skin. Developed with the same active ingredients as EXOMEGA emollient care products to help reconstruct and soothe the skin barrier. Its delicate fragrance, and pleasing fluid texture makes it suitable for everyone from infants to adults.

A-Derma EXOMEGA Lotion For Daily Moisturising

Reduce dryness and calm irritations caused by atopyprone and dry skin with this light lotion. Formulated to treat moderate dryness, this fragrance-free lotion is especially pleasant to use during hot and humid days. Suitable for everyone, from infants to adults, to use on the face and body!

A-Derma EXOMEGA Cream For Night Moisturising

This rich formula works like a charm when it comes to comforting atopy-prone and extremely dry skin. Just like the rest of the products in the EXOMEGA line, it soothes and calms skin irritations, reduces skin dryness and reconstructs the skin’s natural barrier. It is formulated with the gentlest of ingredients that do not worsen eczema and is fragrance-free.

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