Scissors Paper Stone!

For once, the old wives are right. Don’t cut anything with a scissors while you’re pregnant! And no sewing! You probably shouldn’t be running with scissors either.

No renovation, no nailing, no drilling, no painting, and no assembly or disassembly of furniture. In short, pretty much leave the house as it is, and don’t even dare think about sewing while you’re pregnant. 
We’re sure you girls will go ahead and follow these instructions, because superstitious or not, we’ve all heard stories of things that happened to those who didn’t listen. After all, cutting things with scissors lead to cleft lips, and painting leads to birthmarks. And sewing or drilling lead to that dreaded m-word that rhymes with missed-marriages.

But instead of telling you why you should dismiss these old wives’ tales, we’d like to show you why you should absolutely do as they command.

Sharp things bad
Yes, you should absolutely avoid cutting things with a scissors on your bed, because what if you leave it on your bed, forget all about it, and fall asleep with it there? You could cut yourself – or your belly.

The same goes for knitting and sewing, because needles are easier to lose in bed as well as elsewhere, with the added bonus of an unnecessary tetanus shot if you do get pierced by accident.

As for drilling, chances are you’ll be breathing in all sorts of plaster dust that’s probably not very good for your health or your foetus. 

Blunt things, not so good either
Also, the other thing you want to do is avoid bumping your bump. That’s why assembling furniture is out, renovation is out, and painting is out – all these involve potential physical exertion and if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, that can of paint, paintbrush, or piece of sideboard can make you throw a joint or in the worst case scenario, fall and hurt your foetus.

So you see, life goes on when you are pregnant, but it won’t be as you’d expect normal life to be. And it shouldn’t be, because you’re making a new life now. It sure doesn’t hurt to give that new life as pristine a start as you possibly can.