Providing her nourishment with care

Women are powerful, because they have the privilege of bearing life, of nourishing, protecting and caring for a baby inside their own body. And when the bundle of joy arrives, mothers hold the power of providing the best nutrition with their breast milk. What could be more amazing than being able to provide for a being that is entirely dependent on you?

I love this power of being a ‘mom’; it teaches me to love, become patient and remain strong, even when the going gets tough. But sometimes I wish I belonged to my grandmother’s era. I remember her wonderful stories of how she cared for my mother and her many siblings. She had the pleasure of staying at home to fend for her little ones, feed them, bathe them and spend time with them.

I am a career woman and definitely believe that women should be able to work (if they want to). But as a mother, I know that having a career would mean a little sacrifice where the kids are concerned. I may get less time with my baby and might even have to compromise by providing her with formula milk earlier.

But the latter was something I wasn't ready for. When I bore my little Ana in the womb, I decided I would not deny her of breast milk. It was a rather tough decision, because I needed extra time to pump milk, store it safely and make sure she gets it on time. But there was one constant worry that haunted me - how could I be absolutely sure that my stored milk is safe and uncontaminated?

I did some research and realised there were many ways of safely storing milk. One fantastic idea was to store them as ice cubes and use them, as and when the little monster demanded for it. Milk could be stored for a very long time in the freezer without becoming contaminated, but I still had to deal with the collection process. Decontaminating milk bottles was one of the trickiest and most time-consuming affairs.   

Then I discovered Puku 2-in-1 Steriliser and Dryer. I have never regretted this decision to date. Unlike the mechanical modes of sterilisation, my Puku steriliser gave me the option of sterilising 8 bottles at one time. And the bonanza was that the sterilised bottles came out dry!

The whole equipment was easy to use and store. It came with a digital, easy-to-use touch panel and display that gave me an array of sterilisation time options (10/20/30/40/50/60 minutes). This steriliser used steam to disinfect, so not only did my baby’s bottles remain germ and bacteria free, they also smelled fresh.

When I see my girl today, I am glad I decided to give her the best nourishment I could provide. She’s grown up to be a healthy and well-nourished girl. Thanks to these little comforts today’s gadgets provide, life for us mothers seem to have become easier.

– Rashmi –