My princess just turned 3 times more awesome

I know I’ve been missing for a few weeks, because I was trying to wind up my other jobs before I head for a long vacation. I love this season, when everybody is in a festive mood. Most of all, I love it because it’s the time of the year when I celebrate my Ana’s birthday. She turned 3 a few weeks ago and it was so much fun to organise her birthday party. For the first in three years, she understood what birthdays meant. She was excited about wearing a new dress and cutting her favourite cake. Of course the diehard Disney’s Frozen fan wanted an Elsa-Anna cake and her wish was our command!

The day of celebration started with a little surprise in the morning. I managed to bake a moist chocolate cake for her and my husband blew up helium balloons. To our luck, she loved it! The day continued with a lovely birthday party at her school and a wonderful family dinner. When our little Ana went to bed that night, she wore a very satisfied smile. This is the smile that makes life worthwhile.  Before Ana arrived, I was excited about my birthday. Now I wait for hers more than mine, because everything attached to her has brought new meaning to my life. I find a million times more joy in making her day special than basking in my own glorious birthday. Guess being a mother just changes everything inside out! 

– Rashmi –