My Favourite Memories

In a blink of an eye, your little one will grow from sleeping angel to working professional. Hang on to those adorable moments today by making them last. Here are some creative ideas to build a museum of baby’s treasured moments.

Time and tide wait for no man. Babies don’t wait for you too. These small, cuddly beings grow amazingly fast and before you know it, the first three years have whizzed past and you are left missing the incoherent babblings and cute drooling smiles of yesterdays. Wasn’t it just last month when your little princess uttered “Papa” over the phone and completely melted your heart? Didn’t she take her first steps the day before and give the largest chortle of delight at your antics?

The growing years of your newborn are most precious and irreplaceable. While you can’t stop your baby from getting bigger, you can freeze these happy memories in time with a bit of effort and plenty of creativity. For Parents who are:


You like experimenting with different arts and crafts and won’t mind getting your hands dirty with glue or paint, even though it is going to create another mess to clean on top of doing the laundry. You think out of the box and enjoy making things.

You can try making a Photo Scrapbook

Instead of storing all your pictures on the camera or computer, go the old-school route and have them printed. Don’t only choose the smiling pictures or those where your little one is dressed in her Sunday best. Usually it is the candid shots and funny faces that evoke the greatest memories and set the stage for reveries and story-telling. This scrapbook can be your baby’s journey since the womb. Include ultrasound scans, doctor’s appointment card and little mementos from the hospital such as identification bracelet and pressed flowers from the congratulatory bouquet you received, too. Expand from there and show her development - from day one of coming home to her first birthday. Organise the pages into specific occasions or have various themes for each page so that it reads like a book. There are many art and craft shops in Singapore where you can purchase pretty papers and stamps to decorate your scrapbook with. You may also like to make photo calendars by printing your baby’s pictures on monthly schedules or fold accordion albums out of construction papers as an alternative to scrapbooking.

Baby Hand and Footprints

Your darling’s hands and feet are not only tiny but are also unique. Remember them before they grow out of their cuteness. One way to capture their small proportions would be to make impressions either with ink, ceramic clay or cement. This can be done easily at home — simply purchase plaster making or inkstamp kits from any bookstore, follow the instructions and start on your project. Or, you can buy powder cement on your own and mix it to make a mould. After making the imprints, you can decorate with mosaic fragments or write her name for a more personalised touch. Frame them up together with your baby’s birth certificate or turn it into a paperweight.


You have all the latest technological gadgets and can type html codes with eyes closed. The programs and softwares downloaded on your computer are the most up-to-date versions and the mouse is akin to a third hand.

You can start an Online Blog

With so many blogging platforms available — Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr to name a few, those who wish to combine their daily musings and digital skills can do so, conveniently. It would be interesting to treat the blog as a journal of your child’s growth and progress but what would be more exciting is to use it as an outlet for imagination. Just as how some parents have created scenarios around their peaceful, sleeping baby with props found around the house or have their toddlers enact a scene in stop motion style, you can do more with your blog than lengthy word posts. Decide on the direction you want your blog to take, whether it be a site where other moms can get advice and tips or a photo blog, and have fun updating it with something new every day.

You can try making Home Videos

All you need is a camera and steady hands and you are well on your way to making home videos of your little one’s first steps and very first visit to the zoo etc. Demonstrate your impeccable video editing skills by selecting your favourite sound and video clips and weaving both into a seamless movie-like presentation. Then, share those special moments with extended family and friends by uploading on Youtube or your online blog (read above). If you are more of a private person, save the videos for family gatherings and watch everyone grow closer laughing over your baby’s dramatic expressions and frenzied actions.


You don’t follow the status quo and prefer the fanciful side of life. Doing things playfully is your motto and people are always surprised with your way of thinking.

You can try making a Quilt

Instead of throwing away the old clothing your child has outgrown, why not cut out squares and stitch the fabrics together to make a quilt of familiar smells? This not only doubles as a comforter on cold nights but also gives your child something to hold on to like a security blanket.

Time Capsule

Pick a selection of items that represent that specific moment: today’s newspaper, baby’s first attire home from the hospital, her favourite toys and pacifier, a family photo, a stamp, the last grocery receipt and the likes. Write a note to your future selves and for an added element of fun, predict what life is going to be like ten years hence. Ensure that your box or container is acid-free and nonbiodegradable before hiding it in a safe place. Most importantly, resist the urge to peek for at least a year but remember your hiding place so you can unveil it a decade later and be amazed at how much time has altered perspectives.

Act Fast!

Grab your camera, scissors and glue and start capturing these golden years before your baby grows up quicker than you can catch-up. Youth is fleeting but memories are permanent, so invest in the latter to remember the good ol’ times.