Maid’s The Word

What should you keep in mind when choosing your maid, who will be spending lots of time with your child?

"Honesty" declared my cousin, when I asked her what her top priority when choosing a maid was. My cousin, a mother to triplets, needs a little more than the usual extra pair of hands for her newly expanded family. She has, for the time being, employed 2 maids to help her out.

The occasional maid-abusing-children news that make the headlines, are often the ones that hit close to one’s heart. Children are often most vulnerable to abuse.

In today’s society, having a maid is almost a necessity and chances are, your maid will be spending more time with your child than you do. Therefore inviting this person into your family should be a well thought-out process.

Who are they?

Most of the domestic helpers in Singapore are from Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Experience with Children

Caring for young children like toddlers can be demanding. Their safety cannot be compromised as they are often unaware of possible dangers. Your maid has this responsibility of supervising your child and at times, keeping him entertained. This is apart from looking after his basic needs. Hence, choosing a maid who has experience and is fond of children is important. You will have better luck with a maid who is already married, who also has children of her own.


One of the common reasons why maids are not able to do as instructed is due to of breakdowns in communication. You should consider factors such as the spoken language at your home, for example, Mandarin. With this in mind, you may want to have at someone in your house who has a common tongue with your maid or employ one with a certain level of proficiency in this other tongue.

Good Character

Getting someone who has good character can inculcate good habits in your children, which is especially important if they are at an impressionable age. It also gives you a peaceful mind while you are at work. You should find someone whom you feel is respectful, responsible and who can be trusted to take care of your children and their needs.


Even the simplest things can go wrong, for example, using the right type of detergent for your flooring or cooking. If you have decided that your maid will be taking care of your child’s meals, choose a maid that knows the basics of food preparation or choose one that has prior cooking experience. It is also important to remember that these maids come from a different country with a different culture, thus their palette is different from yours.

Right Attitude

Having a maid with the right attitude is sometimes more important than having one that is skilled. She would be willing to learn, easier to correct and more pleasant to live with together. Domestic helpers with good attitudes are also less likely to produce sloppy work or talk back rudely to you.


Your maid agency would probably have given your maid a crash course on cleaning and tidying up the house. Still, it is not unheard of to have maids who are untrained in technology, such as washing machines or microwaves, unintentionally destroying their employer’s appliances. If you want things to be done your way or in a certain way, you have to be prepared to train your maid with patience. Never rush into employing a maid. Start by writing down a list of your expectations and duties that you would require your maid to do. If possible, arrange an interview to gauge if she is suitable and whether she is comfortable working and caring for your family.