I lost myself, but found much more

Life changes immensely when we become parents. I cannot be considered a rebel, because I’ve followed most of the societal rules. But before Ana, I knew I was carefree and independent. Back in those ‘non-mom’ days, I used to ride my bike like a boy (very fast, sometimes manoeuvring the handle with a single hand). I had many night outs, dinner dates, movie dates and long chats. I could stop by a shopping mall if I spotted an irresistible sale or spend hours at the spa. I lived life one day at a time, not worrying too much about anything.

Now my priorities have shifted. My phone buzzes, but I don’t check it. My eyebrows grow out, but that’ll have to wait for some days. Dinner dates and long telephone chats are a rarity and movies have become a yearly affair. Yes, I miss the happy-go-lucky life, but I wouldn’t want to go back there, because Ana wasn’t in it. What I’ve achieved and what I’ve become is worth every thing I had to forgo. Ana completes my life; she has opened the gates to a whole new, beautiful world where my anxieties are lost in her smile, my tears are drowned in her giggles and my exhaustion is healed by her warm cuddle.

 I can never take my life for granted anymore, because I know there’s a little someone counting on me and she’s the last person I would ever disappoint.

– Rashmi –