The Hot Momma’s Guide To The Best Sex Positions

Are you perpetually hungry (and I’m not talking about food here)? Are you going overboard with carnal needs when in reality you should be entering the ‘little or no sex’ zone? Some of us mommies beg to differ.

Why the urge

You’d think that the two lines (on your pregnancy kit) that proudly announce your mommy-to-be status are also brake lights for pleasurable sex. That’s a misconception.
Did you know that change in sex drive is a symptom of early pregnancy? There could be many reasons why your libido is on an all-time high:

You’re all pumped up

The womb (which includes the vagina) and breasts are getting an extra supply of blood these days. That’s definitely going to stimulate the pleasure points, don’t you think?

You’re high on hormones

Sex happens in the mind because hormones in our brains play the love song and during pregnancy, these hormones are on a roll. Feeling horny is unavoidable in such situations, I guess.

You won’t get pregnant

Because you already are…all this time, you’ve been worrying about being knocked up. Now that you are, there’s nothing to worry about anymore. That’s the awesome part of having sex during pregnancy.

To give in or not

Snap out of this dilemma. When enjoyed with caution, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in such carnal pleasures. You’re not going to hurt the baby inside.

In most cases, nature has taken care of everything so you could enjoy your moments of togetherness—the amniotic sac and strong uterine muscles act as shock absorbers and the mucous plug in the cervix (neck of the uterus) keeps infections out.

You may only feel mild contractions during orgasm or during nipple stimulation, but these are short-lived and harmless. Some women, however, may be more delicate and will need to take extra precautions or even abstain from sex. You can check this with your doctor or midwife.

The safest way to go

Sex can be enjoyed in many positions, but you may find that some positions become physically impossible as pregnancy progresses. Here are some creative positions that will keep the big belly out of the way while you enjoy sweet lovemaking.

On a chair

Propping yourself on a chair while your partner kneels in front of you is one of the best positions through the 3 trimesters. You could sit on a cushion to elevate your position. This way, your partner will push up instead of right into your tummy.

You on top

There are two benefits in this position, your belly is out of the way and you’re in control of the thrusts (which should ideally be mild and controlled at this stage). Your partner can easily touch you in this position and add to the heat of the moment.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is a slight modification from the ‘you on top’ position. Here you face your partner’s feet, thus keeping the weight off your belly. This position is also a good way to control the pace and depth of movements.

On his lap

This is similar to the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position, but this time you’re sitting on your partner’s lap, with your back facing his face. This position is best enjoyed on a chair.

At the Edge of the Bed

You lie on your back at the edge of the bed and your partner stands or kneels in front of you. This way your back is well rested while your man pushes in gently.

Oral Sex

Yes, this is also allowed and can be safely enjoyed as long as your partner does not blow heavily into your vagina. Blowing straight into the vagina can cause embolism (air getting into your blood stream)—a life-threatening situation for you and your baby!

Use Pillows

The ‘man on top’ position may become uncomfortable, especially when the tummy expands. Pillows are a good support for your back during these times

Entry from the rear

This position is suitable for any trimester, but especially ideal for the last month of pregnancy. In this position, your tummy is completely out of the way. You can support your body weight by going on your fours, as your man kneels behind you.

On the Couch

This one’s similar to the ‘entry from the rear’ position, but this time you’re on the couch. To play safe, kneel on the couch with your belly facing its back. This will allow you to support yourself with your arms as your man enters from behind.

Pure pleasure it should be

At the end of the day, sex during pregnancy is a way of bonding more than satiating your sexual urges. Let there be a lot of love through and through.

Mild contractions soon after orgasm are fine, but you will need to see a doctor if the discomfort doesn’t go away even after a few minutes or if you feel pain or see bleeding after sex.

When you have a chat with your gynaecologist, spill all the beans. There’s no need to be shy, because this is about you and your baby. As you approach the D-day, make sure you seek advice about when to get cosy after the baby is around. This is vital for new parents.