Handy 4X Plus: The Lighter Stroller For Smoother Travels

As any busy parent can attest, carrying a heavy stroller around Singapore is definitely a big turnoff. It’s one thing to have a car where you can stow the stroller, but imagine having to lug it around on the already over-taxed public transport system and navigating it through mountains of people. If the thought of dragging around a heavy stroller in Singapore’s humid weather does not appeal to you, then the Handy 4X Plus from Combi may just be your answer.
  Here are the reasons why:

  • It weighs only 4.7kg—a super lightweight design that allows you to carry the stroller effortlessly because the wheels have been upgraded to new lighter models.
  • Its 55cm high seat gives your little one a better view of the world and raises him above ground-based allergens for better protection.
  • Its Grip & Go design comes with a carry strap that allows you to carry the stroller under your arm easily.
  • The head pad and seat cushion are made from EggShock, which is an ultra shock absorbent material that is also machine-washable.
  • One-touch folding and opening that makes it easy for parents to keep away the stroller even while holding their baby

Sounds good, right? Stylish parents will also be happy to know that the Handy 4X Plus comes in 3 exciting colours: Mist Blue, Café Beige, and Navy Blue.

The Handy 4X Plus is available at major departmental stores, baby chain stores, and baby shops located throughout Singapore. For more information, simply visit www.combi.com.sg.

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