Grandparents are true treasures

I’m back from a completely relaxing holiday in India. It was wonderful to return to my hometown where familiar smells, sounds and faces surrounded me. But it was Anahita who enjoyed these holidays the most, because she was with her grandparents. 

Grandparents; the fairy godparents gifted to us. There was not a dull moment for Ana when she was with them. She would start her day by waking up in her thaatha’s (my father-in-law’s) arms. The rest of the day she would follow ajji (my mother-in-law), getting her way around. The days when I visited my parents, Ana was perpetually perched on her granny’s lap and her grandpa was never tired from popping goodies in her mouth. 

 She only had to spell her desires, and four hands would go all out of the way to fulfil it. She was the queen who lacked nothing. I wonder if she even bothered to look if Ullas and I even existed. The most amazing experience was to watch the stern parents who disciplined us melt into grandparents, who now wear their heart on the sleeves. This whole grandparents/grandchildren equation is something out of the world. There’s a perfect mix of love, patience, adulation and selfless giving in it.

Grandparents & their grandkids

I was lucky to know my two grandmothers and grandpa very closely. They were incredible people whose love is something I’ll never forget in my life. I hope every child has the privilege of falling in love with his/her grandparents, because it’s magical!

– Rashmi –