Crawling Into The Year Of The Fire Rooster

There are twelve Chinese Zodiac animal signs in total but the Rooster takes centre stage this coming February of 2017. These animals pan out differently not only in physical appearance but effects too. Over the long run, it will help us take shape in areas of health, wealth, relationships and career.

For mothers expecting to deliver during The Year of the Fire Rooster, or if your child is turning twelve this year, the following are some of the characteristics that you may be witnessing throughout your child’s journey to young adulthood. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect and see how you can help navigate them in the right direction.


The Grand Duke Star and Golden Lock Star is quite prevalent in The Year of the Fire Rooster. These stars will ensure that money opportunities will present themselves in abundance. Although it may be a little early for your child to get a job, it is never too early to cultivate the habit of saving up money.

These two stars will ensure that opportunities to do so for your child will be a whole lot easier than with others. It could be a good time to throw a baby shower or birthday party as your child can expect to receive a good head start for that college fund!


As parents, it is our duty to guide our children into suitable career paths. We would be able to help steer them in the right direction as they get older and transition into tertiary education. Should your Rooster child’s career option be the right one for them, they would not be facing much trouble in the working world.

It would be relatively easy for them to climb up the ladder, but they do have the tendency to build castles in the air. Although that is definitely a positive trait that is used to invigorate creativity when young, it can be quite a poor habit to have as they get older. Be sure to remind them that aspirations are not a problem, but doing nothing to achieve them most certainly will be!


Your twelve-year-old child certainly does not have any trouble making friends, and they enjoy it a lot too. As they get older, be sure to remind them that in order for them to keep these social bonds strong, they would have to spend quality time with those whom they appreciate most.

This attitude, if carried late into their lives, would also be of help in searching for a partner. By spending time and showing appreciation to those around them, ties are strengthened and quality people will stay around to help raise these Rooster babies up.


Generally, Rooster babies will see good health in 2017. However, the Sword Edge Star is present in the Year of the Fire Rooster and calls for watchful parental eyes towards anything involving their children’s wellbeing.

Babies who are born early in the Fire Rooster Year would need to stay away from toys or objects that are pointy or protruding. There is a chance this may cause some degree of injury, so it is important that parents exercise extreme precaution.

Overall, it looks like a promising year ahead for Rooster babies but the key definitely lies in paying attention to the finer details of these Zodiac sign predictions and working towards building a better future. If you want to learn more about your personal Zodiac sign and how it all comes together with your BaZi chart for the year ahead, visit and get a head start for you and your children.

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