Choose the Sex of your Baby!

Now, with ever-advancing technology, choosing your baby’s sex is possible, says Arlyn Lansangan.

Remember the feeling when you opened your gift and found that you got what you exactly wished to have for Christmas? That would be the feeling you’ll get – with what technology has to offer you.

You can choose your baby’s sex!

No more unknowns. No more false hopes. No more buying pink baby things only to find out in the end that you should have bought blue ones instead. Want to give it a shot?

High-tech methods use two procedures:
Either your doctor gives you a fertility drug to make your ovaries produce eggs, which will be removed from your ovaries, fertilised with sperms in a petri dish and after two to five days placed back in your uterus by using a catheter inserted through your cervix (this process is called in-vitro fertilization), or he inserts a sperm sample directly into your uterus (this is called artificial insemination).

Here are some of these sex-selecting methods:

Before the fertilised eggs are inserted back to your uterus, they are tested for gender, or any other ‘defects’. This procedure is called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This costs approximately $20,000 and is almost 100 percent effective.

Then there is the MicroSort method, where a sperm sample is colored with a fluorescent dye, which makes the girl-producing sperms glow brighter than the boy-producing sperms when zapped with a laser. The preferred sperms are then transferred to the uterus. Artificial insemination (which adds $3,000 per treatment) or in vitro fertilisation (which adds $12,000 to the cost) can be used here. This method increases the likelihood of pregnancy but is not 100 percent effective.

In the Ericsson method, the girl-producing sperms (known as “slow swimmers”) are separated from the boy-producing sperms (referred to as “fast swimmers”). Then you get to choose which gender-producing sperm will be inserted in your uterus. This is 73 to 85 percent effective and costs approximately $6,000 per insemination.

You’ll want to note you can’t just apply for any Assisted Conception Procedures with the purpose to choose the gender of your baby. ACP is only for couples who have medical problems conceiving.

Not so high-tech methods

In the Shettles method, you have to schedule your intercourse two or three days before ovulation if you want a girl, and as close as possible to ovulation if you want a boy. Although its effectiveness is still disputable, this method is 75 percent effective.

The Whelan method is similar to the Shettles method except that in this method, you have to have a scheduled intercourse based on your basal temperature. This method does not guarantee success.

With these given methods, you have so many alternatives to choose from. However, it always follows that with great efficiency comes great cost.