A childhood obsession

It only takes three words to bring the widest smile on her face. These three words are like magic, because she obliges to anything when I swear by it. She’s eating, drinking, sleeping, bathing, and even wearing ‘LET IT GO’.

It’s an understatement to call Anahita an avid Frozen* fan. She literally lives in the Frozen world! Anything new, she wants it with a picture of her two favourite princesses – Elsa Anna, on it. If you were to accidentally peep into her cupboard, an army of the Arendale princesses will smile back, because she’s got a Frozen bag, slippers, water bottle, goggles, a sling bag, clips, Tee shirts, dresses, towel and a toothbrush (the list is still growing).

All our loved ones know of this obsession, so they buy her more Frozen gifts. During our recent trip to India, she made sure her Thaata and Ajji (grandparents) bought her a Frozen pencil case. The other day, she wanted a Frozen bicycle because a young girl was riding it at the park. I’ve heard the Let it go song at least 1000 times and watched the movie 300 times. Oh yes, I’ve read the Frozen bedtime story at least 365 times.

Ullas (my husband) is so tired of seeing the pretty girls on everything around that he has put a ban on any new Frozen merchandise. And me… I think the characters are frozen on my mind, because when I look into the mirror and spot a grey hair, I wonder if I’m turning into Elsa!!! 

* Frozen is the animated Disney movie that was released in 2013.

– Rashmi –