Bonding over school projects

After nearly 2 years of packing her off to school and galloping back home in the evenings, Anahita and I are getting down to some serious business. Yes, we have graduated and are now dealing with assignment crisis. Of course, in Ana’s case (Nursery 2), I have a choice to turn down the teacher’s homework offer. But I’m more than happy to accept them as they come. I can see that my girl is getting ready to step into formal school, because she loves to write (at the table) and colour (within the boundaries of her book). She also understands what a project means and is ready to take instructions. This was not the case a year ago, when I was secretly doing her schoolwork (if any), because the then princess Ana only gave orders and refused to take any!

Now that she’s more of a soldier and less of a commander, I love working with her. I conceptualise and help create, she executes and her father diligently captures our creative moments (oops… did I just sound like a control freak?). We have had great fun crafting decorative lampshades, designer outfits out of waste (recyclable material) and publishing storyboards. This is just the beginning of our school journey. We still have much to do and achieve. 

In the years to come, Ana will climb the school ladder and her projects will get more complex. My role in them will become smaller, until one day, I become a mere spectator. But this is life; this is why we parents have to teach our children how to climb, hold their back when they stumble and let go when needed, so one day we can watch them soar on their own.

– Rashmi –