The ABCs of Buying A Car Seat

[1] Do your research first.

Since there are many types of car seats out there, it definitely pays to do your research beforehand. In fact, you should know the type of car seat that’s approved in your country. In Singapore, the types of child restraint that are approved by the Traffic Police meet one or more of the following standards1: • the American Standard FMVSS 213;
• the British Standards B.S. 3254: Part 2: 1988, B.S. AU 202a: 1988, or B.S. AU 185: 1983;
• the Australian Standard AS 1754-1975 (including AS 1754.1-1989 Part 1, AS 1754.2-1989 Part 2 and AS 1754.4- 1989 Part 4);
• the European Standard ECE R44;
• the Japanese Standard JIS D0401-1990.

[2] Know the rules.

According to the Singapore Traffic Police2, the height of an individual is found to be more suitable in deciding the proper fitting of seat belts compared to one’s age. In fact, anyone below the height of 1.35m is required to use booster seats or approved adjustable seat belts to reduce the risk of injury should an accident happen.
While taxis are exempted from the child restraint requirement, do note that it’s illegal for private hire cars such as Grab and Uber to carry passengers under 1.35m without a booster or a child restraint. Fortunately, they do offer child-seat options for parents on the go.

[3] Understand the different types of car seats.

If you own a car and looking out for a car seat for the new addition to the family, what kind of car seat should you get your child? Here are the options you can consider. Remember, it’s not necessarily the age of your child that is important, but his weight.

[4] Install it properly.

A few things to remember before and after the purchase:
• Make sure the car seat fits your make of car by trying it out first before you buy. The sales person should be knowledgeable and able to give you proper advice on the purchase.
• When installing the car seat, always read the instructions carefully and keep the car seat instruction leaflet for future reference.
• If correctly installed, the car seat should not move around excessively. There should be no slack or loose fitting seat belts.
• Practice makes perfect. Make sure you practise fitting the seat a few times before your child uses it.
• The harness should be a snug fit against your child’s chest. Make sure that you cannot put more than 2 fingers between the harness straps and your child’s chest. In other words, it should be tight enough but still comfortable enough. The harness buckle, too, should lie on your child’s pelvis and not his tummy.
• Avoid putting a rear-facing car seat on the front passenger seat that is protected by an air bag because it could seriously injure or kill your little one when it activates. The best spot is the car seat that’s diagonal to the driver’s seat.
• Check your child’s car seat regularly to make sure it’s not loose.
• Do not modify your child’s car seat, be it its fitting, harness or buckle, to fit your car.
• Avoid second-hand car seats because you don’t know its history and whether it meets current safety standards.
• Make sure there are no unsecured items (e.g. tissue box) in the car because such objects could seriously injure your tot if they were to fly off during a sudden stop.

Remember, your child’s safety should always be top priority so choose well and wisely when you buy your child’s car seat!

The One & Only Car Seat Your Child Needs In His Lifetime!

How would you like to have a car seat that grows with your child? PUKU Singapore has just the solution with the PUKU Space ISOFIX Safety Car Seat—a convertible infant car seat that you can transform into a high-back booster seat.
Designed specially to hold up to 36kg, the PUKU Space ISOFIX Safety Car Seat doesn’t just comply with the European Safety Standard ECE R44/04 as well as GB 27887-2011 and CNS 11497 approved; it is also ISOFIX Safety certified with a top tether for added security.
Thanks to its ability to transform from an infant car seat into a high-back booster seat, there are two ways to seat your child:

  • Rear-facing for children from newborn to approximately 1.5 years old or up to 13kg
  • Front-facing for children from approximately 9 months to 12 years old or from 9 kg up to 36kg

The PUKU Space ISOFIX Safety Car Seat comes with a side impact design and a comfortable infant cushion insert as well, so it’s almost like having mommy dearest holding baby in her embrace. The car seat structure is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a lightweight yet solid material that provides suspension against hard impact. The PUKU Space ISOFIX Safety Car Seat also has the following features that make it extra safe for your child:

  • 4 levels of adjustable reclining positions
  • Adjustable head rest with 12 height settings
  • 5-point safety harness
  • 3 levels of adjustable shoulder belt positions
  • Anti-UV canopy for sun protection
  • Removable cushion and infant cushion insert for easy cleaning
  • Universal fit for all car models with ISOFIX fitting

In other words, the PUKU Space ISOFIX Safety Car Seat is the one and only car seat your child needs in his lifetime! Want to know more? Then visit www.facebook. com/PukuSingapore for more information.